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Put Some Color In Your L​ife

Sheebe  Msanii gallery

Sheebe Msanii

Sheebe Msanii was born and raised in Boston, MA in. A city girl by nature, and a lover of all things, she took on a great interest of appreciating art at a young age. Mesmerized by morals all over the historical city of Boston, the dancers downtown, and poets in the streets, art became a major part of her life subconsciously. In elementary school, art and music were her favorite subjects. Although she had many sketchbooks and drawings as a child, it was not until she relocated to Sarasota, Florida in 2014, that she realized her depth of  love for art. It was at this time, she tapped into her wonderful gift from the Most High to naturally create art. Using acrylic and occasional oils on canvas, mixed media, and textures, Sheebe Msanii's art   is embodied with flowing and bold lines, contrasting colors, and dramatic tones. She often uses curvaceous and organic shapes to give a dramatic touch to the characters she creates. Vibrant, as well as earthly colors, are used to emphasize on the combinations of imagination and mother nature. Focusing on empowerment, awareness, current events, and emotional expressions, Sheebe Msanii takes her viewers to were the drums play loud, the colors dance in the sun, and the muses come to life.